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We have set up a number of sites to support OAuth and the community. They are: 

Some explanations: 

  • Website: mother brain. This is where a lot of the disaggregated stuff is aggregated. The hub of the wheel with many spokes, if you will.
  • Blog: big announcements, etc., probably reposting of other interesting blog posts
  • Tumblr: listing and gathering OAuth supporters/implementers in reverse chronological order
  • Code: SVN repository
  • Wiki: supporting documentation, use cases, interaction design recommendations
  • Flickr group: interaction design mockups, use cases, logos, examples in the wild
  • Slideshare: OAuth presentations/slides
  • Related links: Gnolia and Delicious links related to OAuth
  • Pibb/IRC: public synchronous discussions
  • Mailing list: should be obvious
  • Forums: implementors support, ideas, etc 

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