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Error cases

Due to the reliance on services accessed serially, it would be useful to capture possible error cases in the OAuth chain that could be minimized with proper error handling and human-readable messages on the interface side.

ProblemReporting is an extension to help handle error cases.

Consumer error cases

Service Provider unavailable

  • Description: The initial attempt at obtaining a request token fails.
  • Possible causes: This could be caused by something as simple as being offline or not having a net connection.
  • Remedy: Remind user to check their internet connection or to try to open the Service Provider website in their internet browser to verify that the Service Provider is available.

Service Provider returns unknown error

  • Description: The Service Provider returns an unknown error message.
  • Possible causes: Misconfigured or non-compliant Service Provider.
  • Remedy: report as bug to Consumer developer or Service Provider.

Service Provider error cases

Consumer uses incompatible signing algorithm

  • Description: The Consumer signs requests using an incompatible or unsupported signing method.
  • Possible causes: Misconfigured or non-compliant Consumer.
  • Remedy: try a different method
  • Remedy: report as bug to Consumer developer.

oauth_timestamp is unacceptable

  • Remedy: read the Service Provider's clock and try again with a fresh timestamp

token has expired

  • Remedy: get a fresh token and try again

Consumer key is invalid

  • Remedy: try a different consumer key (if several are available)


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