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Flickit to Flickr

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This page demonstrate an OAuth-like flow on the iPhone in the Flickit iTunes application

  1. Welcome to Flickit

    The introductory screen, explaining the authorization flow.

    Welcome to Flickit

  2. Loading...

    The Welcome screen slides left while a "Loading..." interstitial screen appears. 


  3. Logging sign in to Yahoo!

    The loading indicator remains while the sign in page finishes loading.

    Sign in to Yahoo!

  4. Login to Yahoo

    The user is prompted to sign in to Yahoo! (with no context or URL bar).

    Sign in to Yahoo!

  5. Error authorizing app

    If you hit "Done" before you've authenticated, you receive an error.

    Premature confirmation

  6. Flickit wants to link to your Flickr account.

    The user is now prompted whether to allow Flickit to allow access.

    Authorize Flickit

  7. Successful authorization

    If access is granted, the user is presented with a success notice, with a note that access can later be revoked at their account.

    Authorization Success

  8. Successful authentication; loading

    Once you hit "Done", the "Loading..." indicator appears again.

    Successful authentication

  9. Authorized; ready to use

    The browser window slides to the right, revealing the application's ready state.

    Ready to upload

  10. Account settings

    Clicking the Gear icon (above) brings you to the application's settings, where you can log out.

    Logged in

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