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Implementation Notes


Pownce Database Tables


Probably not the optimal design for these tables, but hey, here they are.


Request Token / Access Token

We have 2 different tables but they look identical.


id int(11) NO PRI NULL auto_increment
key varchar(32) NO UNI
secret varchar(32) NO
consumer_application_id int(11) NO MUL
user_id int(11) NO MUL
creation_date datetime NO


Consumer Application


id int(11) NO PRI NULL auto_increment
user_id int(11) NO MUL
key varchar(255) NO UNI
secret varchar(255) NO
consumer_type varchar(8) NO
callback_url varchar(255) YES NULL
status varchar(8) NO
status_reason varchar(255) YES NULL
ranking int(10) unsigned NO
is_featured tinyint(1) NO
name varchar(255) NO
developer_email varchar(75) NO
help_email varchar(75) NO
url varchar(255) NO
description longtext NO
photo_display_name varchar(255) YES NULL
orig_photo_key varchar(200) NO
large_photo_key varchar(200) NO
tos_accepted tinyint(1) NO
registration_date datetime NO
num_requests int(11) NO
last_request_date datetime NO

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