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OAuth for Pownce on iPhone

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Pownce (now defunct) was one of the early web services that adopted OAuth and implemented support for it in their iPhone app. The following screenshots come from a blog post demonstrating the flow that they used.

Note: Following several negative reviews, Mike Malone (one of the Pownce developers) wrote a criticism of popping out of the app for doing authentication.

  1. On launching the app Pownce, prompts the user to "Login".

    Pownce OAuth flow Step 1

  2. On clicking "Login", the Safari browser is launched, asking the user to sign in. The URL bar is clearly visible.

    Pownce OAuth flow Step 2

  3. Once successfully authenticated, the user is prompted to permit the iPhone app access to their account.

    Pownce OAuth flow Step 3

  4. By using a pownce:// URL scheme, Safari closes and reopens the app, successfully authorized to access the user's data.

    Pownce OAuth flow Step 4/Final

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