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AddressBookSync with Facebook Auth

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AddressBookSync is a simple application that synchronizes user photos on Facebook with the records in your Mac Address Book. In order to do this, the app requires access to your Facebook account via FacebookAuth.

  1. On launching the app for the first time, the user is asked to sign in to their Facebook account

    Note that no URL bar is present, nor is it indicated that the connection is secure.

    Furthermore, Facebook even provides the notice on their sign in form: Security Note: After login, you should never provide your password to an outside application.

    AddressBookSync Facebook Login

  2. Upon successful authentication, a confirmation message is displayed in the sheet.

    AddressBookSync - Login complete

  3. After closing the sheet, the app now has access to your contacts' data

    AddressBookSync for Chris Messina

If you close the Login Sheet before successfully authenticating, you are given this error:

API Problems?

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