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Contributing to OAuth


Want to help spread OAuth, improve existing code libraries or add new ones? OAuth libraries are developed and licensed under the MIT open source license. We rely on volunteer developers and contributors to produce code, documentation and interface guidelines for the benefit of the broader community.


We maintain active mailing lists to discuss the ongoing development of the protocol. There is also an #oauth IRC channel on Freenode and a web-based mirror. Please note that these channels are for developers and are not support channels. For end-user support, please see the OAuth Service Provider or ask a question in the OAuth support forum.




OAuth libraries are available in a number of languages and coding styles vary depending on the dominant convention of each language.


See the list of maintainers for a list of contacts for contributing to each individual library.


Code documentation


Library maintainers are responsible for documenting their own libraries. We've tried to make the spec as readable and simple as possible, but as each language varies, especially with regards to signing algorithms and dependencies, we ask that maintainers and contributors take extra effort to document their contributions and code.




Localization is typically handled by the service providers themselves, given their particular needs.


Bug and request management


Currently the mailing lists are the best places to ask for and make suggestions to libraries.


We also maintain an issues list in our repository where bugs, changes and fixes can be submitted. Discussions about specific bugs and issues typically take place on the mailing lists.


We also maintain a support forum for general questions about OAuth.




Everyone is of course busy -- so if you have ideas for improving this wiki's documentation or the spec itself, we'd love to hear from you: simply create a ticket with the text and either a link to the existing page or a request for a new page.


Copyright assignment


One of the greatest challenges of OAuth has been developing an approach to intellectual property that supports freedom and encourages as many people as possible to benefit from our work. To that end, all contributions to this wiki should be considered made under the Creative Commons Public Domain declaration to the fullest extent possible; all code contributions to the OAuth repository should be licensed irrevocably and eternally to the OAuth Project under the MIT License.

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